/ Sing for Darfur

Forty different mini-stories that come together on the day a worldwide pop concert for Darfur is being held in Barcelona. The tragedy in Sudan has a different meaning for everyone, but brings some magic for those who care. End titles play with the idea of an invisible but ever present negative space. The circular form reflects the communal charity of everyone who donated their time to make the film presented as names only without department descriptions.All profit from the movie was donated to a charity film foundation in Darfur.
Please visit: singfordarfur.org

Writer / Director - Johan Kramer
DOP - Wouter Westendorp & Lex Brand
Art Director - Rikke Jelier
Production Company - Pupkin Film
Line Producer (Spain) - Esther De Udaeta / Ernest Gual
Titles design & animation / SFD Foundation Identity - Paul Freeth