A small 'Summer' selection of Happy Accidents

Summer is Bob Dylan - Salmonella

Music to my ears

The heat



Summer is a day spent in bed

Summer is the child in me

The child in me

Sangria 8.95..?

Eyes that watch me - Where were you last night

Air Con

The smell

I can't resist

In Summer, nothing is what it seems


Nowhere to park

Summer isn't what it used to be


Summer is skin




Travel Light

Room to breath

And this....

My family says hello

• Happy Accident #1 - Summer

Happy Accident is an ongoing collection of personal projects celebrating chance in creativity. #1 began with the idea to explore the random marrying of text and image via analogue 35mm photography. With the generous blessing and support of Rafa Montilla - founder of production company Agosto (August) - I began working with my inspired pacharan partner & strategic poet friend Jorge Virgos to pen a myriad "summer" words and phrases in Spanish and English. These texts were pre exposed over a light box on 35mm film, rolled-back, then handed out to friends, family and collaborators who took their summer snaps 'over' the texts. With just these two simple variables of random text and image 1100 pictures were produced. Blown away with combinations that are often magical as they are non-sensical or utterly meaningless, we like to think that art is in the air.

A HUGE thanks to Rafa, 'partner in crime' Jorge, Sergi Roda, the Agosto crew, and all the amazing people who dedicated their time and pictures to the project..Un Saludo.

Agosto / Jorge Virgos